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Field Engineer (FE) with its on-demand workforce comprises of some of the best field service engineers and technicians. It aims to provide seamless and hassle-free field services. Currently, it is providing field service solutions by offering 6 global services and is dominating the field service industry with its resilient local and global workforce.

Global Smart Hands

Field Engineer is offering the best field services worldwide. Its Global Smart Hands services are accessible around the world in as many as 190 countries. Smart Hands break the limitations of on-site technical assistance by extending the company’s reach and allowing it to access these services on a global scale through the platform provided by FE.


Global Smart Hands engineers assist people by offering a wide range of on-site as well as remote services, such as troubleshooting, testing, installation and deployment. People can have access to professional work anywhere in the world through this service, making this a cost-effective and functional solution for businesses.

Break-Fix Services

FE provides a local workforce and freelancers for fixing OEM IT failures and that, too, in a short period. Break-fix services are provided when IT repairs and updates are required and work really well with short-term projects.

This is the ideal flexible solution for providing quick IT support whenever you need it without having to pay for anything long term. OEMs also benefit from break-fix services by offering greater customer satisfaction because the replacement time is short as break-fix provides a quick service.

CPE Deployment Services

FE has a huge selection of on-demand engineers that VARs and telcos can benefit from by offering CPE deployment anywhere in the world if they are expanding their services globally.


Customer-premises equipment (CPE) can range from networking equipment and internet to telephones. CPE deployment provides different services depending on the equipment and offer services for short as well as long periods of time. Different types of CPE deployment services include CPE networks and equipment, CPE wireless equipment and hardware equipment.

Site Survey and Readiness

FE provides a platform for hiring experienced site survey engineers from its pool of qualified, on-demand workforce. Site survey involves gathering comprehensive on-site data that ensures minimal disruption pre- and post-deployment, while site readiness ensures the location is ready for the site survey. The process involves engineers who collect data by using questionnaires.


A pre-deployment checklist is consulted before carrying out the survey, which is essential for making the right preparations. The checklist includes considering network adaptors, floor plans, the walking path, scan patterns, and signal propagation.

SLA-Based Services

FE makes use of its on-demand global marketplace and helps businesses choose the SLA-based services that would be most suitable for them. Customers can easily connect with any service they require and get help within 4 to 8 hours. Plus, they only need to pay the engineer for the time they worked on the site.


These SLA-based services are of different types, so important metrics need to be considered before choosing one.

Hardware Support Services

Field Engineer efficiently takes care of desktop, laptop and printer support services by utilizing its certified engineers who are adept at deploying workstations, installing printers, and handling maintenance and issues related to software or hardware.


This is a sound and cost-effective field service solution for businesses without permanent IT support. Before choosing the desktop support service, always take the following things into consideration:

· Budget

· IT maintenance

· Mobility

· Features required

· On-demand or managed IT

Learn more about the best field services being offered by FE that are globally accessible in 190 countries on Field Engineer.

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