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A site survey is always performed before deploying a network. The data gathered is used in the analysis of network performance and coverage.

The data for the survey is collected by engineers through questionnaires. The data will include information about existing power and cabling, the HVAC conditions and network infrastructure. This way, customers can know about the work that has to be done before new hardware can be deployed.


Before conducting the survey, it is important to prepare for the things you will need. Here is a site survey checklist you can use:

· Reliable network adapter to collect data

· Multiple adapters to conduct more surveys in less time

· Calibrated floor plan to make accurate calculations

· Optimal walking path as it ensures systematic data collection

· Appropriate scan pattern selected through the survey software

· Right signal propagation value that is suitable for the particular site

Site readiness is done to make sue the area is prepped for the wireless site survey. It involves installing racks, low-voltage cables and backboards.

If you need further information on site survey and readiness, visit FE.

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