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SLA-based services, as the name suggests, refer to services that are based on the service-level agreement in which a formal contract is designed to clarify the business relationship between the client and the service provider. It describes the standard and capacity of the services that the provider needs to meet.

Types of SLA-Based Services

These services are divided into three types:

· SLA cloud services are particularly detailed and formal because these large-scale infrastructures can affect the client’s business. They detail the specific service levels of the provider and the client’s requirements.


· Managed services SLA assure the reliability of managed IT services and detail the provider’s obligations.

· SLA telecommunication services set rules regarding the services provided by the telecom vendor. These services may be limited to the network infrastructure and software.

Key Metrics of SLA-Based Services

When selecting SLA services, consider these essential metrics:

· Correct description of the services

· Uptime

· Timeframe for receiving response from the provider

· Timeframe for resolving issues

· Time taken for waiting for support and third party

· Security implementation

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