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What is a field service? Field services are basically carried out by experienced technicians and engineers who perform tasks that range from installation of devices to repairs and much more. The field service employees perform their duties at the client’s home or workplace.

Field Engineer (FE) aims to provide the best field service engineers and support by offering its services not only locally but globally as well. Following are the six field services that are currently being provided by FE.


On-Demand Engineer

The Global Smart Hands service extends a company’s reach globally for installation, on-site assistance and deployments.

FE makes use of its vast pool of talented and experienced local workforce, providing professional services wherever and whenever you need. Smart Hands is a cost-effective and sound solution for small businesses as well as for remote engineers for all kinds of technical support.

Fixing OEM’s IT Failures

Break-fix services offer a great solution to businesses by taking care of IT failures and updating projects in a short period. There are numerous options to choose from with availability of expert engineers and freelancers to meet your needs.


OEMs can also benefit from this service by being able to provide a good customer service because of the short response time and global reach. Use FE’s services and find the engineers you need to cater to your IT failures and updates quickly.

CPE Deployment Services

VARs and telcos benefit from and utilize these services when they need to install essential equipment as CPE deployment services are just what they need. FE provides a huge selection of engineers on the site and can really help such businesses go global.


CPE deployment deals with the installation of a wide range of equipment, which can include anything located at the customer’s premises. There are different type of CPE services depending on the kind of equipment to be installed. It is an affordable yet effective field service solution for businesses looking for a reliable service for the installation of various equipment.

Pre-Deployment Preparations

Site survey and readiness ensure that the process of deployment is as efficient and smooth as possible with minimal disruption before, during and after the process. Site survey engineers take care of the questionnaires and collection of data. After that, customers are given first-hand information regarding the preparations that are to be made before deploying any hardware.


A pre-deployment site survey and readiness checklist is to be considered to ensure the right preparations are made. FE helps businesses take care of site survey and readiness by providing an extensive pool of qualified engineers, which spares customers from the torture of spending hours finding and hiring someone for the task.

Choosing SLA-Based Services

SLA-based services are to be chosen wisely, and customers should consider some important metrics before jumping in. These services also include SLA cloud services, SLA managed services, and SLA telecommunication services. Field Engineer provides a platform for businesses and help them choose SLA-based services efficiently by making use of its on-demand global marketplace.


Hardware Support Services

This service includes desktop, laptop and printer support. It involves dealing with office equipment and end users, break-fix support, technical guidance, installation of new software and updates, setting up new printers and maintain them. You need to take a few important factors into consideration before choosing hardware support services.

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