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SD-WAN is an enhanced type of WAN that is created through the implementation of SDN technologies to the traditional WAN. It is generally considered an upgraded form of WAN. It reduces the manual work required in its maintenance. It is also a more secure option for businesses and gives them greater control as it controls the entire network from one point. This way, the IT department in a business can have full control over the network while being able to view it in its entirety from one place.

SD-WAN has made the process of maintaining networks easier and simpler. In addition to the simplicity, SD-WAN reduces the cost incurred in the setup of the network. It is a cheaper substitute to MPLS for businesses but can be used in conjunction with alternatives as well.


Overall, the benefits of SD-WAN are many and it brings traditional WAN up to a whole new level. For a modern-day business, SD-WAN can add great value in the form of increased security, lowered cost and increased ease of use and maintenance.

SD-WAN is not limited to just these benefits as it is developed on a complex framework. If you want to understand it better, visit Field Engineer.

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