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The traditional WAN design connects the main data center to the business’s branch offices. This setup is expensive and inflexible, which is why an enhanced version called SD-WAN has been introduced. By adding software to the WAN setup, the system is simplified and made more cost-effective. This is the reason that SD-WAN adoption is increasing. Where the traditional setup required a lot of manual work, SD-WAN allows you to control the entire network from one place, so no extra work is required.

Since the entire network is centralized, there is no longer a need for IT staff to travel to branch offices to make configuration adjustments. In general, SD-WAN makes IT work less demanding and requires fewer resources to keep working efficiently. SD-WAN adoption is increasing over time because its increased ease and efficiency are coming to light, especially when compared to alternatives such as MPLS.


SD-WAN is a smarter option for networking needs as it consistently manages the available bandwidth that has been paid for and makes sure the most important applications are given priority. If you want to better understand why SD-WAN adoption is increasing, Field Engineer helps.

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